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I Survived Disneyland!!!

I am not going to lie, I was really nervous about my annual trip to Disneyland for the Halloween party this year. Besides the fact that you have trick or treat stations all over the park, which yes I got all the candy I could. You have your special treats. Like for me, I always have to have a pretzel or dole whip. Then there is always the Three Cheese Monte Cristo at Café Orleans. I knew this year because I am working on getting rid of the Candida Overgrowth I wasn’t going to have my special treats or Halloween candy. I was going to have to adjust to this habit.

We ate dinner first, at Café Orleans. I was amazed, when you make your reservation for the restaurant they ask if you have food allergies. I checked yes – Gluten/soy/dairy/grains those all pertain to my diet. Then when we get seated the hostess confirmed that we had allergies in our party. I was expecting a separate menu. As always I mentally prepare when I go to any restaurant, knowing the basics: veggies, meat, & beans are basically what I eat on this diet.

Well they full on had the chef come out to discuss my dietary restrictions with me. There was basically two things that fell into my allowance… a salad that he would have to take out all the fruit so it would basically be lettuce and chicken OR  the N’awlins Vegetable Ragoût with Blackened Chicken–  It comes with Eggplant, Red Onions, Bell Peppers, Squash, Zucchini, and fresh Garlic served with Corn Cakes topped with Grana Padano Cheese. SO the chef said “I can omit the cheese and the corn cakes but we can give you rice” I said, “no grains” So my meal came out with a spicy tomato sauce with all the veggies, chicken & some asparagus instead of the corn cakes. It was SO filling and delicious.

I was so impressed with the accommodations that Disney provided. The fact that they had the chef come out to accommodate my dietary needs is top notch customer service. I mean you can eat healthy where ever you are; you just need to be creative and be willing to ask. Disneyland makes it so easy to eat healthy too. There are fresh fruit/veggie stands all over in California Adventure and right there on Main Street. It comes down to choices. Either you choose to or you don’t.

If anyone tells you that Disneyland or anywhere for that matter only has unhealthy options it just means they are lazy or unwilling to research, because honestly there can be good choices if you look for them.

I was Ursula the Sea Witch this year……. How amazing did my tentacles come out?? My friend Laura is amazing, cant wait for next year!!!




So I went to a Nutritionist ….

nutritionI have always thought most nutritionist were hokey. I had this friend Alicia that talked highly of her nutritionist but she was doing hCG (in my opinion another get skinny quick scheme) so I just wrote it off.  It wasn’t until Lisa my HR director told me that she had gone to the same nutritionist and she was fantastic. She shared with me all these tests she took and the science behind all of these results. (I would like to add that Alicia has been very successful and although I wrote her off, she was absolutely right and planted the seed)

I have been plateauing for the last 6 mos and as much as I trust my faithful trainers Cody and Alana, we would try something and I would lose but gain right back, it was a yo yo. So when Lisa said that a lot of what Julianna does is covered under our insurance, I thought well in that case …. Why not?

So after I did all my testing this is what the results are:

I have a Mutated Gene called

MTHFR – Methylenetetrahydrofolate

Basically this affect the way my liver filters out toxins. Like a dryer with a lint filter when that filter is clogged your clothes will take longer to dry. That is what my body has been doing for the last 37 years. Also the things related to this mutated gene is Addiction, Parkinson’s, Leukemia, Brest cancer, Alzheimer’s,  ect… all that are in my family on my dad’s side. She said I had the gene from one side of the family not both.

My food sensitivities –

Everything was “Low” and the only thing that was moderate was Candida (get to that in a minute)

SO over all the foods I need to avoid or really limit is

Coffee, Baker’s Yeast, Cheese, Cranberry, Wheat gluten

My mineral deficiencies –

Vitamin B12, Zinc, Chromium

Lab work-

Estrogen Dominant – my progesterone was .02 and it should be at an 11 and my Estrogen was 8x the level it should be. When you are Estrogen dominant it causes breast cancer and causes your fat cells to multiply. So basically my fat has fat on top of fat.

Cholesterol was perfect

Glucose was high

Vitamin D was low

My thyroid is sluggish and my insulin is resistant

SO everything to get back in balance will be about 6-9 months. NOT too bad.   So here are the steps to getting me better:

1.     Normal Bowel movements

2.     Detox Liver

3.     Estrogen Detox

At the Same time My diet will be

Slow Carb diet for 3 weeks (meat, veggies, beans) – This diet was a success. I just got tired of beans

Candida Diet – To kill off the Candida yeast – Started on Sunday 8/4/13

Carb Load -One answer to a Plateau

I am almost coming to an end of my 90 day challenge. It has really been a challenge. March has been a big birthday month and it was really tough watching people eat their birthday treats while I drank my water, but its for the greater good of my goals. About two weeks ago I started plateau again, so Cody the super trainer has me carb loading. Actually there are three of us on this program.

The Food Plan:

Monday – Thursday

1,000-1,100 calories

45 g/180 cal of carbs

150 g/600 calories protein

30g/270 calories fat


300-400 g/1200-1600 calories carb

150 g/600 calories protein

58g/528 calories fat

Saturday – Sunday 

1600 -1800 Calories

70g of carbs

130g protein

60g of fat


The Workout Plan:

Monday & Tuesday

Brutal heavy lifting work out with personal trainer (Alana she is amazing)


Strength & Conditioning Class


Cardio day


Strength & Conditioning Class


Heavy Lifting day




This is intended to confuse your metabolism, or shocks the body, to stop the start of a plateau. To my understanding, we want to create a calorie deficit to increase fat loss. When you go between a low carb to a high carb diet you hold on to the muscle you have and shed fat.

This is has been my first week doing the Carb loading program and I will tell you it is the TOUGHEST program I have come across. Four days you are starving, exhausted, feeling like crap, then you start to feel better and then you start all over again. This obviously is a short term program, I will be on it for four weeks. I am excited to see the scale move and the results of this program. Cody the Super trainer hasn’t steered me wrong yet.


30 days in and 60 days more to go…

Well I am in 30 days for my 90 day Challenge. I have to say I was off to a great start. Super Trainer Cody has me eating 1600-1800 calories 130g of protein and 40% of my diet has to come from Fat. My fitness pal is a perfect app for that (and its free). You can click on your daily totals and it breaks it all down for you. It helps me plan my meals and if I am eating out I can choose what is best off the menu for me.  The first two weeks I was down 9.6lbs. I was killing it and BEST part is that I broke my plateau and I was seeing movement in the scale.

That is ONE thing I can’t get over ……. That number on the scale. It seems like it’s the only tangible thing that shows progress to me. How do you not be ruled by that number? One thing that was told to me was you need to look at your journey a different way. Not as a “weight loss journey, but as a life style change where weight loss is the side effect of being healthy” Although my friends can attest to the fact that I still struggle with the scale and the number, I am trying to have an outlook of a life style change instead of a weight loss journey. Here are some things that I am focusing on:

  • I am more persistence than I was
  • I am eating different veggies and fruits to switch things up
  • I am not addicted to sugar
  • I am more positive
  • I have a greater focus
  • I have more determination
  • I AM INSPIRING PEOPLE <– This is crazy but I am

These are my non scale victories … what are yours? I try to think of one a day.

I recently had surgery and again was really bummed that my weight went back up 8lbs, Cody the super trainer that he is … went to research why that happened and he found that undergoing Laparoscopic surgery such as I did can cause you to gain weight. It’s the anesthesia medicine and the procedure itself.  I have the rest of this week to rest and then its back to the gym for me.


I have never thought I would miss working out this much (non scale victory)But I do.

Remember the scale is just a measurement but there is so much more to it than what that number says. And if you are finding that you are being ruled by that number … pray about it. God will help you through this struggle as he is helping me.