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Ditching the Scale

Ditching the Scale

I recently had a conversation with my nutritionist Julianna and she asked how my progress was going and I said “I lost 11lbs, but this is the weight I start climbing back up” I have been hitting a wall at 220lbs, I just cant get past that number. Julianna said “Angela, you are always going to weigh. You have A lot of muscle mass, that is how your body is made up, its just that we want that weight to be muscle not fat.”

Man that was such a hard pill to swallow.

We all have this idea of what weight loss is all about. I thought my goal was going to be at least 170lbs or less and 20% body fat. Then I get a bomb like this. “You will always weigh” It really blew my mind.

Like, the concept that I will always weigh ….. what did that mean to me? That meant that I will always be fat. Julianna saw the tears in my eyes and started to explain. My body is the perfect make up to be more of a power lifter, which I don’t see myself as that but that is what I love to do, Lift weights. She said that I am a slave to a number and I need to stop. So she suggested that I weigh myself once a month and get a body fat analysis monitor. There are other things I should focus on, Body fat/measurements/how my clothes fit. The scale doesn’t tell you everything.

When you weigh yourself often this can become a very destructive pattern, the scale for me was dictating my steps towards my health. I was stressed, discouraged, and obsessive. I have always used the scale to keep me accountable and in check. SO now that I don’t have that to measure my progress, I was nervous that this would discourage me on my weight loss journey.

The last time I weighed myself was September 27th and I have realized that the steps that I do daily cant be weighted: the healthy food I eat, my sleep, hydration, exercise…. These things don’t change just because of my weight. These are the things I will continue to do for the rest of my life.  So it has been hard to not weigh myself but nice not to have that number hanging over my head. I cant tell you what I weigh right now. BUT, I can tell you that I feel good, I have been making choices that are in line with my goals for the most part, and my clothes are getting looser. So I maybe 200lbs for the rest of my life but if I am 20% or less body fat….. then I will be okay with that.

“Accepting your body as it is right now allows you to make decisions about caring for yourself in the present moment, which is, after all, the only moment you have any influence over.”


Win vs Loss

A win

So I am on week 9 of 13 weeks for the Sugar Detox that I am doing or the Candida diet. I thought I was going to be on it for 6 weeks but then Julianna (my nutritionist) said “Oh no its going to be 3 mos” I totally got sucker punched. I can’t say that it has been easy. About week 3 my husband and I went to our favorite restaurant Donovan’s to celebrate 14 years of marriage. Donovan’s always gives you a complementary Crème Brulee. Now I am not a fan of Crème Brulee but Donovan’s makes the best one I have ever had. Ray’s dinner that he ordered came with dessert so he ordered the Cheesecake. Usually we would share the desserts. But since I can’t have sugar, I just sat there and watched Ray eat both desserts as I drank my tonic water and lemon. Although that was really hard for me not to say screw it and cheat, I didn’t. I was really proud of myself.

Here is our wonderful dinner……..











A loss

With temptation every day there are sometimes that you just don’t want to work hard and you don’t want to be diligent and you don’t want to look at a menu and think “I can have this but I need to switch this out for that and can I add a salad instead of fries and …..” That was me on Sunday night. I just wrapped up a great photo session with my friend Jenn and Brian and their sweet baby Sawyer. We were down at Oceanside Harbor and we were talking about dinner, Brian suggested Harbor Fish which is fish n chips. I have never been to Harbor fish but I have heard nothing but great things about their fish n chips. We get there and I look at the menu on the wall, Fried…. Fried…. And more Fried food. I justified it as “At least I am not eating sugar, which is what really feeds the Candida Yeast” I also could have said “I deserve it because I have been doing a good job”  but do I really deserve to put junk in my body for doing a good job with fueling it correctly?  I ended up ordering Fried fish and a salad instead of fries. It wasn’t as horrible as I use to order but still off diet and a really bad choice anyway. Especially since, I could have ordered a grilled chicken salad.  I also ate some of Rays fries. I got really sick that night because my body is so use to eating clean. I felt guilty and now sick. I owned it, I made a bad choice broke my 9 week streak of following my diet. But as quick as I was to hop off the wagon I was that much quicker to jump right back on.

We are all human, we are all flesh, and we all fail and succeed. At that moment of weakness making a bad choice I could have easily said OH WELL and kept going. I could have said “I screwed up now I will just eat a candy bar and a pint of ice cream, and chips.” I didn’t, I accepted my moment of weakness, my poor choice and I moved on with the diet.

“Rather than viewing a brief relapse back to inactivity as a failure, treat it as a challenge and try to get back on track as soon as possible.”

Sugar Detox

sugarSo I have been on a really strict diet to kill the Candida yeast in my system. I have had a diet for 10 years of “eat what ever I want” this consisted of sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I have shared how I would sit down and eat about a dozen Sprinkles Cupcakes in about 2 days. Or I would have a full breakfast and two donuts. One of the biggest habits that I had … not even realizing it, dessert after dinner. I grew up in a house where my dad had to have sweet after every dinner, he went so far one night to eat cake mix. The actual CAKE MIX POWDER!!! This was my learned behavior, that I didn’t even realized that I carried on this habit into my adulthood. Then this Candida diet happened and I realized that I carried on my dads habit and it was really hard to break.

Julianna (nutritionist) first presented the diet to me I said there are three things I will not break Coffee, Bacon, & Strawberries. She said its only six weeks and you will bend on those things for a better you. She was right. No coffee because it contains mold (all coffee naturally had mold) also the I am so resistant to caffeine it means I abuse it. No bacon, even though I eat nitrate free bacon pork contains retroviruses that survive cooking. Strawberries also contain mold and NO SUGAR.

{Sent by Julianna} The goal of this diet is to strip the yeast of the foods it uses to thrive and supplying it the foods it needs to fight the yeast off.  The primary goal is avoiding sugar and yeast.  Yeast is sneaky in lots of foods, so refer to your food list to help you. This diet in conjunction with supportive supplementation should help eradicate a yeast overgrowth.

So what can I eat???

All foods should be organic and meats are grass fed

Meat- Beef, Buffalo, Elk, Lamb, Rabbit, Venison, Chicken (white & dark meat), Duck, Goose, Quail, Turkey

Seafood- Clams, Perch, Salmon, & Whitefish

Legumes- Black Beans, Green Beans, Green Peas, Lima Beans, Mung Beans, Navy Beans, Pink Beans, Pinto Beans

Beverages- Almond Milk (unsweetened, unflavored), herbal tea, water

Dairy & Eggs- Chicken Eggs, Yogurt

Nuts- Almonds, Chestnuts, Hickory nuts, Poppy Seeds, Filberts, Sesame Seeds

Vegetables- Avocado, Artichoke, Jicama, Zucchini, Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, asparagus, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, celery, cucumber, daikon, fennel, garlic, ginger root, kohlrabi, leek, okra, onions, all bell peppers, all hot peppers, radish, shallot, turnip, all lettuce (no spinach), swiss chard, radicchio, kale, endive, greens, cilantro

Fruits- lemons, lime, rhubarb

Oils & Fats- Almond oil, primrose oil, fish oils, olive oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil

So yeah very limited. It has proven to be a very difficult to be creative with this diet because I am SO restricted. I have managed though. I am going to start week 4 and I have survived. I still want my strawberries.





So I went to a Nutritionist ….

nutritionI have always thought most nutritionist were hokey. I had this friend Alicia that talked highly of her nutritionist but she was doing hCG (in my opinion another get skinny quick scheme) so I just wrote it off.  It wasn’t until Lisa my HR director told me that she had gone to the same nutritionist and she was fantastic. She shared with me all these tests she took and the science behind all of these results. (I would like to add that Alicia has been very successful and although I wrote her off, she was absolutely right and planted the seed)

I have been plateauing for the last 6 mos and as much as I trust my faithful trainers Cody and Alana, we would try something and I would lose but gain right back, it was a yo yo. So when Lisa said that a lot of what Julianna does is covered under our insurance, I thought well in that case …. Why not?

So after I did all my testing this is what the results are:

I have a Mutated Gene called

MTHFR – Methylenetetrahydrofolate

Basically this affect the way my liver filters out toxins. Like a dryer with a lint filter when that filter is clogged your clothes will take longer to dry. That is what my body has been doing for the last 37 years. Also the things related to this mutated gene is Addiction, Parkinson’s, Leukemia, Brest cancer, Alzheimer’s,  ect… all that are in my family on my dad’s side. She said I had the gene from one side of the family not both.

My food sensitivities –

Everything was “Low” and the only thing that was moderate was Candida (get to that in a minute)

SO over all the foods I need to avoid or really limit is

Coffee, Baker’s Yeast, Cheese, Cranberry, Wheat gluten

My mineral deficiencies –

Vitamin B12, Zinc, Chromium

Lab work-

Estrogen Dominant – my progesterone was .02 and it should be at an 11 and my Estrogen was 8x the level it should be. When you are Estrogen dominant it causes breast cancer and causes your fat cells to multiply. So basically my fat has fat on top of fat.

Cholesterol was perfect

Glucose was high

Vitamin D was low

My thyroid is sluggish and my insulin is resistant

SO everything to get back in balance will be about 6-9 months. NOT too bad.   So here are the steps to getting me better:

1.     Normal Bowel movements

2.     Detox Liver

3.     Estrogen Detox

At the Same time My diet will be

Slow Carb diet for 3 weeks (meat, veggies, beans) – This diet was a success. I just got tired of beans

Candida Diet – To kill off the Candida yeast – Started on Sunday 8/4/13